WIP: Chaos aspiring champion part 3

I think I have finished the figure for my entry to my local GW stores painting competition.  Just the scenic base to go...

I thought people might like to see the finished miniature on it's own so here you go, lots of pictures.

Trying to blend flesh tone into silver was interesting, I'm not sure it was entirely successful but it's not a bad attempt.

Freehand skull using the tutorial from Ron at 'From the Warp'.

I do have an ulterior motive in posting these.  If anyone can see anything I have missed or anything I could improve please let me know so I can improve it before saturday....

As always comments, hints or questions are very welcome.


  1. Rob this is an a some piece or work buddy, I've really enjoyed how this guy has come along.

    The way you painted the red has given me food for though, in fact once I'm squared up in my new place I think I'll give that formula a go!

    Hope you win the competition dude!

  2. Your golds and metals are nicely shaded too. I like how you kept the base nice and dark. Really sets the mini off. Oh, and the scorching and discoloration on the combi-melta? Nice touch.

  3. Cheers guys!

    Looking forward to seeing it ieuan! Good luck with the decorating...

    Sorry to disappoint Zab but the base is just for working on. The scenic base is dreadnought size. But I agree the dark tone works well so I'll try and keep the real one that way.
    Well spotted on the muzzle it is another FTW technique I tried for the first time on this model

    1. Yeah that master class book is full of great little tricks;) Careful with that base - I can't tell you how many times I've painted the base and mini separately only to find I did a better job on the base than the mini and now I have to find a way to tie the 2 together o_0

    2. I can imagine how frustrating that would be! I've taken your advice and made the base quite dark and monochrome so as not to distract from the model. I'll post some pictures asap.