Showcase: Chaos space marine aspiring champion

After all that effort here is the entry for the painting competition at my local GW store.  Loads more pictures after the break....

For any details of how I did it check out these WIP posts

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  • WIP: Chaos aspiring champion

  • As always any comments or questions are very welcome.


    1. Love that first shot of him. Looks like he's storming a breach in a wall.

    2. Thanks Zab, it's definitely a dynamic looking shot. Some of the others show the details better but he looks coolest in that one.

    3. A truly excellent miniature Rob, hats off to you!

      I do have two questions...

      1) how did you fare in the comp?

      2) does this mean we'll be seeing a Crimson Slaughter army from you in the future?

    4. Thanks ieuan! In answer to your questions
      1. I don't know yet but I'll post as soon as I do.
      2. That would be great, but at the rate I painted him it might take forever so probably not.
      How's the decorating going?