Bitz arrived and painting competition result...

As you can see from the photo above some more bits for my Astral Knights have arrived.  My camera phone seems to be playing up so you can't see everything but feel free to have fun guessing how the bits will be used.  I used two bits sites this time, 'bitz box' and 'let the dice decide', both provided an excellent service and I continue to be impressed by the companies in the miniature business.

For everybody who has been holding their breath for the result of my local GW store's painting competition, I came second by four votes.  I'm not too disappointed as the winning entry was an excellently painted 'slanesh' version with some lovely shading and very subtle but effective conversions.  The winner has already chosen the next model, it's the empire witch hunter from WFB.  (image courtesy of GW)

It's a really nice model, very atmospheric but with little opportunity for conversions.  I have already had a couple of ideas what to do with it, both colour scheme and setting, but any suggestions would be very much appreciated....

As always please feel free to leave any comments, tips or questions.


  1. Congrats on the top 3 finish! That next one is a nice looking mini. I could see myself doing a head swap to a more 40k type look for use as an inquisitor or one of his henchmen...

  2. Cheers Zab!
    I agree with you on the 40k vibe he would make an excellent inquisitor!