Brushes and Bitz.

My fine detail brush disintegrated on me a few days ago so I have been looking around for a new one.  I used to use the GW ones but when I went to look at some in the store the tips looked terrible.  After some research the best suggestions I could find were the Windsor and Newton series 7 brushes.  I did hear that Raphael 8404 were supposed to be very good but I couldn't find them in UK art shops. There is a very good review and comparison here.  So I now have a W&N series 7 size 00 brush and I'll let you know how it goes soon.  Below is a photo to compare it to my old brushes which I will still use for basic stuff.

In other news, I have now ordered some bits for my astral knights from Bitz Box so that I can start work on making the next combat squad look a bit more unique, more details to follow shortly.

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