First photos of fully finished Astral Knight.


There he is! Second test model now with boltgun and base all done. 

I did lie slightly.  As you can see I haven't decided on squad and company markings yet.  My current quandary is to decide between going stock codex insignia for the tactical squad badge etc and company markings, or do I go a little bit more 'knightly' and make up some images that more resemble knightly orders to represent these things.

The codex option would be very easy to do, it's all there I would just have to freehand it on the shoulder pad and knee guard.  The knightly option could be trickier, I really like the idea of each company being like an order of knights with it's own heraldic image (sticking to the blue and white colours). How you would get this on a knee pad I have no idea.  As for tactical, assault and devastator markings I would love to have something more unusual than the codex scheme.

So, any ideas out there?  Please feel free to give suggestions.


  1. This is looking really good, looking forward to seeing the whole squad painted up. You have a great style, love the highlighting.

  2. Cheers ieuan, they're nearly there just boltguns to go. I've managed to source some bits so the next combat squad will hopefully be more interesting.