Second test model for astral knights colour scheme.

The following images are of my second test model for my Astral Knights colour scheme.

As you can see there has been very little change from my last test model, but I can promise you it makes a difference.

Firstly the silver is brighter, I only used one wash of nuln oil over the mithril silver and then highlighted in the original silver

Secondly the blue has been given an extra highlight now it goes kantor blue, altdorf guard blue, teclis blue.  The final highlight is just a line highlight on those prominent edges that would get caught in a zenithal approach but the altdorf is still wet blended to give a much smoother finish.

Thirdly the white is done with a base paint not a layer paint which enables a much smoother finish over the black base coat.

So there it is, next time I will compare the two side by side to see the difference and what, if anything, I have learnt from the two.  Until then any comments gratefully received.

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