WIP, inner armour and silver bits.

As you can see the remaining three marines in my first combat squad are coming along slowly.

I have based them using PVA glue then sand, then a coat of XV-88, drybushed with screaming skull and washed with agrax earthshade and seraphim sepia in different areas to try and give the bases a subtle variation. 

For the flexible joints I have managed to grab some mechanicus standard grey rather than mixing up new stuff every time and this really speeds things up.  Currently they have just had flexible joints done , inner armour in old mithril silver and washed in nuln oil.  Eyes next and then I can start on the blue armour.


  1. I like your blog, read through as much as I could and you've got some really good stuff here. Love the fact you paint 'inside out' and the scheme is great too, I wouldn't be skilled enough to paint the chapter icon!

    I'll add this to my blog list if that's ok?

  2. Thanks I really appreciate you taking the time to look through it and especially from someone who has done a similar thing. Makes me feel as if I'm vaguely on the right track.

    I need to do inside out as it allows me to make mistakes and then cover them up with the next layer. I#m not neat enough to do base and the inner detail afterwards.

    I spent quite a while practicing the chapter icon before finally going for it on a shoulder pad, and I'm now scared stiff of trying to make it look consistent across loads of models. However I can't recommend enough using a method of breaking something down into simple straight lines etc to make it managable. It's the only way I can do it at all.

    would be fantastic if you added me to your blog list,cheers.

  3. You're on the blog list!

    I think you under estimate your skill, from I can see you're an accomplished painter to say the least. I wouldn't ever try to hand paint an icon now, I tried it a few times and couldn't do it.

    I've found a blog called the evandelists, another uk blog which is good there's a couple of us around! I'd suggest having a look, he's avoid guy and very enthusiastic! And you're doing a great job here on your blog, keep it up!

    I'll have a new post soon, and back to my Sons of Isis after working on some Necrons and Space Wolves

  4. That's supposed to say he's a great guy! What a place to write a typo :-s

  5. Thanks for the listing (I've returned the favour)and the kind words. I checked out the evandelists, wow that is an amazing colour scheme, almost makes me wish I had been bolder in my choice of colours. I've just spotted you've got a new post up about modelling your HQ so I'm off to read that as I'm about to start modelling my second combat squad and I'm sure it will be useful.