WIP, nearly finished first combat squad...

I'm nearly there with the rest of the first combat squad, just need to do their shoulder pads in white, freehand the chapter icon and paint the boltguns.  I've found that my highlighting has improved over just five models, both in speed and accuracy as I gain familiarity with the paints and brush.

The only new thing on these three were the purity seals. The red is mephiston base red then highlighted in squig orange and washed in seraphim sepia.  The 'paper' is based in XV-88 then a layer of screaming skull and a wash of agrax earthshade.  You can't really see it in this photo but I gave the suggestion of text on the purity seals by using lines of mechanicus standard grey.  I quite like this as it is a bit of surprise and delight when you do spot it and it looks nice and faded like its been flapping around on their legs for ages.

Hopefully I'll have the whole squad up and running asap.  Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions, they are gratefully received.

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