WIP, using spray basecoat

Having settled on my colour scheme and painting process I'm now going to start a short batch to finish off a combat squad of tactical marines.  They are all really basic, no conversions etc yet, I just want to make sure that I am happy with mass producing the paint process I'm using.  To that end I tried a spray basecoat for the first time.  I know that everybody is probably completely happy with using these but I have always been nervous about getting too much paint on, having a rough surface, dripping or filling in detail.

However as you can see from the photo it worked a dream. I carefully followed the instructions, short bursts, 30cm ish away and moving them all the time seems to have done the trick.  I can see how this would be a real time saver if you were doing large units.  Hopefully these three will be finished soon and I will have my first unit of troops!

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