Ideas for painting power swords

I've been searching around for ideas to help with painting my sergeant's power sword.  I've come up with the following options.

Option 1.

This one is courtesy of from the warp.  It uses repeated line highlighting and washing to give a lightning like effect from the tip down the blade.  Of course the colour could be varied or it could be done from the bottom up.  This is another example from the warp. (images from the warp)

Option 2.

The NMM effect beloved by grey knights.  This can look amazing but having looked around at how to do it I may be slightly out of my depth trying to replicate it. (image from

Option 3.

Necron style edge highlighting.  This example is from Ieuan over at Sons of Isis and he's done a brilliant tutorial so I think that even I could follow it.

Option 4.

Plain silver. An oldy but a goody...  (image from GW)

I'm leaning towards option 1 at the moment but would appreciate any other ideas or suggestions. So please feel free to voice your preference, give me some ideas or point me in the direction of something I've missed.....


  1. I like Ron's version, think it would fit in great with your bold colour scheme.

    Saying that, I've seen somewhere today (possibly the gw Flickr feed) silver swords with coloured lightening on, looked different for sure!

    And finally, thanks for featuring me on your blog! Very proud with that mate!

  2. Lightning effects look amazing but look easier than thay actually are. I tried and sadly failed so dry brushed my power weapons and it actually turned out pretty nice. So if it don't work out for you (although I really hope you nail it) try the zenithal drybrush route, I did dark angels green, followed by scorpion green then finally white but without rinsing my brush so I got a gradual blend on the colours straight from the brush.

  3. Cheers guys, I think I'm going to brave an attempt at the lightning effect (can always paint over it if it doesn't work)

    No problem with the feature Ieuan it was a good tutorial and I still want to try it some time.

    I might have to fall back on that option James so thanks for the help.