WIP, highlighted blue

Having highlighted the blue armour makes such a difference, just two highlight colours really brings the model to life.  Hopefully the rest of them will be finished soon.


  1. The highlights look excellent, which colours are you using? And the purity seal on the missile launcher marine is ace too.

    What I really want to know is how did you do the eyes? Fantastic stuff!

  2. Cheers ieuan.

    The blue is highlighted using altdorf guard blue to block out upper surfaces and then teclise blue to line highlight those upper surfaces.

    The eyes are painted in dark red, with squig Orange in the front corner and a little yellow right at the front. They are then washed with sepia to tie it together and darken the edges. Finally a dot of white at the back. Most importantly I do them before the armour so I can tidy up round it afterwards. Hope this helps.

  3. Cracking stuff!

    I do really like the blue you've got there. If I ever get around to doing a crimson fist force I may have to copy your recipie!

    Those eyes look great! All mine are currently pale blue but again, they could make a showing on my fists!