Scout squad, a change is as good as a holiday

Having finished my first squad of Astral Knights I fancied a quick change of pace from all that power armour.  I've decided to do a scout squad, they are equipped with sniper rifles as I feel that these suit the look and purpose of scouts much better than boltguns or shotguns.  The squad is nice and varied with a number of different poses and lots of material to paint rather than flat armoured surfaces, I'll also get to have a go at painting some faces which I haven't done for a while.  I'm struggling to personalise them and make them fit with the Astral Knights look, so here are pictures of the four squad members and I'm going to try and convert the sergeant a bit to make him fit the aesthetic.

If you have any ideas for things that I could do to the standard scouts to make them look more 'knightly' then please feel free to let me know, also any hints or tips for painting camo cloaks would be much appreciated...

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