WIP, tactical squad sergeant

Here are some pictures of the progress with my tactical squad sergeant.  I have tried to lavish a bit more care and attention on him than the rest of the squad.  I am also trying out a couple of new things...

This is the first progress shot.  You can see the base is done, the flex and inner armour have been painted and washed.  The helmet and pads have been given a coat of dark grey (more on that later).  No idea what happened to the bottom of the photo.

The blue armour has been completed at this stage, painted, shaded and highlighted.

Nearly there, now you can see why the helmet was based in grey.  I tried to follow this tutorial from the warp, I'm not sure I've got the hang of it yet but I'm sure I'll get plenty of practise if I do all the sergeants helmet's in white.  As this was the sergeant I've gone back and highlighted the silver armour to make it look a little bit brighter. 

He still needs a couple of bits doing.  I need to decide on a look for the power sword and plume.  Any suggestions would be very welcome especially if you can point me in the direction of a tutorial or images.....


  1. Looks good. try leaving a grey line around the outer edge on the shoulderpad and around the sword icon on there. It will help define the shoulderpad.

    Otherwise, looks great!
    Ron, FTW

  2. The helmet in particular looks awesome!

    I'm interested in how you'll do the plume?!

  3. Cheers Ron, could I do the grey line around the shoulderpad retrospectively, if so would you suggest a grey paint (adminastratum grey etc) or a shade (nuln oil)?

    Thanks Ieuan. I've just finished the plume so I'll get pictures and description of the process up asap.