Squad and company markings for my Astral Knights

Having ummmed and ahhhhed for quite a while I have finally decided on a system of squad and company markings for my Astral Knights chapter.

I wanted each squad to have an heraldic design, like a knightly order, but a complicated design would be too much to freehand on every marine so I have come to a compromise.  Each squad will have a geometric design using blue and white, which will be painted on the right shoulder pad.  This design will also be used on any banners, shields or other areas.  

For my first tactical squad I have chosen a simple diagonal bisection from top left to bottom right, but I could do all sorts of things; vertical bisection, horizontal bisection, quartering, etc...

Shoulder pads done on these two marines.


Shield done on the sergeant.

On the banner I have used the design as the background and done the chapter symbol in the reverse colours to make it stand out.

The company number is marked using roman numerals somewhere in the design on the right shoulder pad as you can see in the photo below.



  1. That's a really cool and different way of doing your squad markings mate, I like it and it adds yet more individuality!

    The diagonal lines are SO crisp, what's your secret?

  2. Thanks Ieuan, I'm slightly worried I've made a rod for my own back but there's no going back now!

    Not sure that there is a secret to the crisp lines, I just used thinned paint on a heavily loaded brush and a quick confident stroke. This tends to mean that there is a thicker covering at the edge which means you can leave it alone when you do second coats etc.