Mordheim: Sculpting city bases tutorial.

I want to give my Mordheim warband some nice warhammer city type bases so I tried to sculpt some from scratch. 

First I made up some milliput and roughly put a flat block on each base. Using my colour shaper to smooth it out and sharpen the edges up. It's fairly rough at this stage but that's o.k. as they are supposed to represent medieval streets.

After putting them in the oven for 30 mins at 50C to speed up the curing process I carved the paving in the tops and sides with a craft knife.  This allows me to get sharp edges easily that are much harder when the stuff is soft.  (you can't easily put curves in when it's hard as milliput can flake badly so sculpt them before it cures).  There are a variety of paving types and patterns to keep the bases interesting.


Next I painted them using brightish colours. Mournfang brown and squig orange for the terracotta and altdorf guard blue and karak stone for the stone sections.

A quick, liberal wash with earthshade on the terracotta and nightshade on the stone.

Finally an overall wash of camoshade to make them look dirty and tie the colours together for a muted base that won't distract from the models.  After that a quick lick of black paint on the plastic base section finishes them off.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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