WIP: Base for witch hunter.

I've gone all out on the base for the witch hunter model. I got hold of a nice block of wood and used some left over varnish to make it look all posh.  Up close after the break...
The Flag stones and cobbles on top were sculpted using milliput, a sculpting material I hadn't used before but it was quite easy to work with especially if you use plenty of water. I also tried out a new sculpting tool that I bought. A colour shaper, it's like a solid silicone paint brush and it seems to work really well for softer shapes in both milliput and green stuff (especially as green stuff doesn't stick to the silicone).  The skull in the middle is from the arcane ruins set and was pushed into the milliput before the flagstones and cobbles were sculpted round the outside.  I tried to use a fast and loose method for painting the stones. Quickly using a variety of fairly bright browns, beiges, blues and greys to get a nice range of stone colours and then washing with agrax earthshade and camoshade to put the depths of colour into it.  Finally a quick drybrush with various beige and grey tones.

I printed the 'judge, jury and executioner' for the front and then washed it with seraphim sepia to give it an aged look. The wax seal is from a large purity scroll.

The books, scroll and hourglass come from the flagellants boxed set and the large open book is from the ravenwing sprue. All the bits on top were kept muted so as not to distract too much from the models. I'm going to put the witch hunter standing on the books to give him some extra height and so he can really look down on the prisoner.  There is some detail on the book that I'm really pleased with but you can't really see it here so I'll try and get it into the completed shots

Next time will be the finished piece. As always please feel free to leave any comments, tips or questions.


  1. DAMN! That looks great. Nice job or giving it a natural appearance. Isn't it funny how random and slapdash tends to give things a more natural look?
    That's a really nice display base.

  2. Cheers Zab, you're right about going for a natural look. Sometimes you just have to be a little less controlled.