Showcase: Witch hunter.

These are the pictures of my Witch hunter model that I am entering into the next round of my local GW monthly painting competition. Loads more pictures and details after the jump....

I suppose I aught to talk through the paintjob on the witch hunter figure first as you haven't seen him before.  I wanted to give him a range of colour temperature to make him interesting, hence the cold blue inside to the cape with accents on his chest and feathers, the neutral browns and beige for the majority, and warm red gloves etc.  This seems successful as he looks more visually interesting than he can do without going to bright and clean that doesn't suit his persona...

What I'm happy with:

His face, using pale flesh tones and brown washes has given him very stark looking features perfect for his role

The blue on the inside of his cloak, I used drakenhof nightshade painted on to build up some really nice graduations to deep blues.

NMM gold on his sword and metallic paint effect on his gun barrel.

I like the little freehand details on his sword scabbard and cloak edging.

I'm not very happy with the composition of the scene.  The models all seem in the right places but the scene is too stark and all on one level.  I think I need to work on this area of my modelling.

For more details of the prisoner and the base see the following pages.

  • WIP: Base for witch hunter.
  • WIP: Kneeling prisoner.

  • As always feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions.


    1. There is some really nice blending and shading in there on, well... everything. Nice work with the freehand too and I like the repeating motif of the icon on the book and the purity seal. Great tie in to the base. Maybe what is throwing you about the composition is the split between the two? It feels like it needs one more raised piece like a column, lamp post or partial wall or something to fill the space on the prisoner side or between the two to tie them together. The only drawback to that is you block sight lines to parts of the minis you spent so much time painting when viewed from certain angles if you add anything else.

    2. I think you've hit the nail on the head Zab! The base is too flat and needs something like a low wall behind them.