WIP: Kneeling prisoner.

To up the ante with my next painting competition entry I decided to try and make a mini-diorama.  I wanted to show him judging an heretic as his pose lends itself to this kind of setting.  To the end I needed a kneeling prisoner, however GW don't make a kneeling figure to the best of my knowledge.  The best I could find was the empire flagellant in stocks.

He was by no means perfect, I did a head swap to one that looked a little less aggressive and more like he had been restrained.  I then cut the model below the knees and resculpted the bottom of the tunic to fit round the back (it doesn't look brilliant as the folds are hanging the wrong way but the effect works).  To finish the model off I had to greenstuff the gap where the new tunic was attached and sculpt some feet sticking out the back.

Painting was very quick and easy as I wanted him to look dirty and muted so as not to cause a too much distraction from the witch hunter.

As always please feel free to leave any comments, tips or questions below.


  1. That's a nice little conversion there, and it will be a good touch of narrative to the witch hunter. Fyi, your green stuff work blends nicely. I looked at the pics before reading the words and had no clue that this wasn't an out of the box mini. Seriously, great work.

  2. Thanks Zab. That's the best complement you can pay to a conversion. I used a new tool I've found which I'll post some details about soon.