WIP: D&D models

Having been inspired by all the PC models put up by muninn over on his excellent blog (he's currently finishing a mammoth "model a day for a month" session) I thought I would have a go at some for my group of friends as we belatedly embark on a 4th edition adventure.

I'm using Reaper minis, they are reasonably priced and on the whole well sculpted. Just remember to budget for import tax and royal mail handling fees if you order direct from the US.

Two models were straight forward, my half elf ranger and the human paladin needed no conversion work.  The praying paladin perfectly evoked the feeling my friend was looking for and I really liked the mysterious look of the ranger.

The last two characters required a bit more work. First up a gnome bard with singing blade and small shield, not an easy find. The best we could dig up was a gnome mage which would need a bit of adjustment, the magical fire was removed, a new blade put on the short sword (the green stuff is to add strength as the blade was too small to be pinned) and the left hand resculpted and a shield cut down to size and attached. Not too bad a job if I do say so myself...

Finally we have the dragonborn warlord. None of the dragonborn models had quite the look we were going for so we ended up using the body of an anti-paladin, the spikey armour fitting perfectly with the dragon look. The head was swapped with one from an actual dragon... Having put the new head on the rear was sculpted to look like scales. A piece of greenstuff was smoothed in place and then using the point of my craft knife the scale shapes were created by pushing the flat side in working from the top down.

Next up the basing and painting...

As always please leave any comments or questions below


  1. Some great looking stuff here. The archer is a fantastic looking model that I look forward to seeing painted, but I like the Gnome bard in particular. That is a really solid conversion.

    The scale work to fit the dragon head onto the paladin body works well, but the head itself looks a little "big head mode." It could just be the angle of the photo though.

    I look forward to seeing these guys with some paint. :)


  2. Cheers muninn
    You're right about the size of the dragon born head but that's what the player wanted, and I couldn't possibly comment on whether it's appropriate or not...

    1. Lol, well if that's the player's vision it can't be helped, can it?

      If you ever want to make another Dragonborn, let me know. I bought reaper's Dragonman conversion kit a while back, but only ever used one head. I'd be happy to send you one of the extras.


    2. Thanks for the kind offer I may have to take you up on that at some point...