Showcase: D&D human paladin

Here are the photos of the finished human paladin for our plucky band of D&D adventurers. The model is from reaper minis and the base is made from cork, baked sculpey and sand. My friend asked for an almost anime feel to him hence the pure colours and sharp highlights. The armour was washed with a dark blue rather than black which has given an effect that I rather like.

Any way enough of my rambling, enjoy the pictures and as always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


  1. The red and white work really well on this model. Very stark, but visually appealing. What blue did you use for the wash?


  2. Used drakenhof nightshade from GW. It's very dark, would be very interesting to experiment with different shades of blue wash to see what effects can be achieved.

    1. I was thinking that was it. I use Sky Blue Ink when I want a light blue shade around the armor/weapon edges. My most recent example of this would be the cloaked paladin from last week. I think Guilliman Blue would also work really well.