Showcase: D&D gnome bard

 I was requested to do "outrageous" for the clothing of this gnome bard but I drew the line at purple top with a yellow sash.  I might come back to him at some point and do some freehand to jazz him up even more.

Once again the base is made from cork, sculpey and sand. I am quite pleased with how the modelling came out, the right hand is a little large and crude but not terrible for a first attempt.

I'm less convinced by the eyes. Normally I don't paint the eyes on models as you wouldn't be able to see anything at the distance we view them from. However this sculpt had very obvious eye balls so I had to have a go. Does anybody have any good hints or tips for this?

Next time will be the finished dragonborn warlord...

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions especially if you have any good ideas for painting eyes.


  1. I have learned while working on my pirates to paint the eyes first and fill in the face around it. I also give them a gloss coat after they are done so if any stray paint gets on them i can wipe it off quickly. I do the whites with an off white because true white is too bright and then do the pupil with whatever colour I want the eyes to be. Fill the whole center from to p to bottom so they don't look bug eyed. or you can just fill in the corners so it looks like they are glancing to one side. That is a bit easier at first. Looks good! Love the pose on that little dude.

  2. Cheers zab. I'm going to have to work on the eyes a bit, thanks for the tips.

  3. I said it before, but I really like this guy. Painting little designs or borders on him should be really easy, since the outfit consists of nice, flat panels.