Resurrecting the dead: redoing an old librarian.

Wish I could make mine look this good!

The painting competition at my local GW store has changed format slightly and now we are given a theme for each month rather than a particular model. Hopefully this will encourage more people to take part as they can tailor it to fit their own collection.  This month the theme is Wizard.

 So obviously I'm going to try and do a Librarian for my Astral Knights space marine chapter. The problem is that I don't really like any of the current Librarian models apart from Ezekiel and the terminator armoured version. Ezekiel is still metal and I don't fancy converting all the DA iconography to Astral Knight stuff. I can't see a termie armoured one fitting with the rest of the force either so I'm a little stuck. Until I found this model lying around in my old stuff from 2/3 edition. Having pulled his old school bolter and banner backpack off and soaked him in fairy power spray to get my very bad paintjob off, I now have to decide what to do with him.

My first option is the very boring 'shooting bolt pistol' pose, it's an oldie but a goodie...

The second option is to use a left arm that normally cradles a bolt gun and to sculpt some kind of psychic power emenating from his hand.  The pictures below are a very rough mock up using blue tac.

At this point I could really do with some help, which looks best and how do I go about making the psychic power look half way decent? Please put any comments, suggestions or tips below.


  1. Hi Rob mate,

    Are you know the marine with missile launcher from the tactical squad? His left arm with flat palm would be good if you chopped off the wrist and put it on your Librarian's out stretched arm.

    Then if you could attach the flaming skull from the empire wizard kit I think it'd look pretty cool.

    1. Agreed! that would look awesome, or you could rip what was done over at tale of painters and have him holding out an open book from the DA sprue with something shooting out of that. Just take his arm as it is now, cut off at the wrist and turn it 180 so it's holding the book at the top with fingers down. Any way you do it, showcase the powers over the bolt pistol.

  2. Cheers guys, great ideas! I think I've cracked it now with your help so I'll show the finished pose next time...