WIP: Astral Knights Librarian

After my plea for help posing my old metal librarian model Zab and Ieuan came to the rescue with some great ideas. Read on for more details of how he's going...

I decided to go with the psychic power general idea but with a slight modification. Firstly I pinned the left arm (yes pinned, the joy of metal minis) and then filled in the gap with green stuff. I used the blade of my hobby knife to create the impression of ribbing. Here's a photo of what it looked like with the shoulder pad in place.

This is the point that having people with good ideas really pays off. Ieuan had suggested using bits from WFB for the psychic power and Zab had suggested using the open book from the DA accessories sprue to reinforce the librarian feel. Combine the two and what do you get...

The open book from the empire flagellants kit and the flames from the burning torch in the same kit come together to create...

The book from the DA sprue overwhelmed my poor old librarian and the flames were perfect to save me from greenstuff nightmares. So thanks guys and all I need to do now is paint him. I think another experiment in OSL is called for...

As always please leave any comments or questions below.


  1. Cool! I'd make a pun about him reading the latest hot novel, but ya know...Anyway that conversion is like 50 shades of awesome (Damn. I almost stopped myself).

  2. I thought about taking a leaf out of Zab's book wit a pun but thought better of it ;-)

    The Librarian is looking sweet Rob, nice use of flames on the book too. Looking forward to seeing him painted up

  3. If you two keep this up I'm going to have to throw the book at you...

    seriously though couldn't have done it without you're help guys, cheers!

  4. Love it, especially as you're using an old school model. That spell book conversion is so simple but it just looks awesome, I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished painted article. Are you gonna go traditional flames or something a bit more magical like purple or green. Personally I'd go with the magical approach. :-)

  5. Cheers James, I agree on the magical flames front. I was thinking purple would be a nice spot colour and I could pick it up around the psychic hood and along the staff. Base colours are done now so I'll try to post some progress asap.

  6. Sounds good, I think the hood and staff will really compliment the flames too, look forward to seeing it dude.