Nearly there: Astral Knights Librarian.

As I said last time I wasn't quite happy with the psychic bits of my Astral Knights librarian. The flames coming out of the book didn't look quite right and the shaft of his force stave was distinctly underwhelming. Having got some good advice from zab, here's my attempt to improve those areas...

I put some OSL around the flames where they would reflect off the book. Working from pure white where they meet the book, the brightest point, and blended out through to purple as the reflections got further from the flames. There are little extra bits of reflection on the string and fingers as these bits are raised and would reflect more than the flat surfaces around them.

I also made the pattern on the staff stand out more. The staff was painted in a pale purple and then washed twice with druchi violet. The raised pattern was then highlighted with a very pale lilac.

I'm really happy with both these improvements. You might have noticed that I have made the freehand on his tabard more elaborate, trying to link it with the astral knights chapter badge and his role as a librarian.

 So now I think I'm finished I need everyone to tell me what I could do to make him wow.

 As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below...


  1. The free hand on the tabard is sweet! AND you nailed the OSL on the book and his hand ;) If you wanted you could do his eyes pure white or pure black to make him seem eerie or you could try the 'ol psychic eyes OSL thing, but that is kinda cliche, really.

  2. Cheers Zab, I'm really chuffed as this was my first real attempt at OSL reflections. I did consider doing something with the eyes but I'm too scared now that I've got the face looking the way I want...