WIP, I think: Astral Knights Librarian.

I've technically finished painting my old school librarian model but I'm not entirely happy with it and could possibly do with some advice on how to really make him pop. Loads more pictures after the break...

 I'm pretty happy with the basic paint scheme, the issue is with the librarian bits.
I think the psychic flame coming out of the book needs some work as does the shaft of his force staff.

So what do people think how do I really make the flames look like they glow and the same for the inlay on the staff? As always please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below.

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  1. Some OSL on the book and parts of the armour closest to the staff would help. I think though, its mainly a contrast thing. The blends feel too smooth/soft on the flames and inlay - push the purple darker and cut back the white areas a bit. I found you really have to exaggerate the effect with the cooler colors, but you can still build it gradually so as not to over do it.