WIP: Astral Knights Librarian for painting competition.

I thought I'd share the progress so far on my Astral Knights librarian. Loads more pictures and details after the break...

I've gone for a very old school librarian blue for two main reasons. Firstly my Astral knights already have a blue colour scheme, the dark blue of their armour matches the colour of most modern librarians which means he wouldn't stand out on the battlefield. Secondly as he's an old model it's nice to have an element of that represented in the paint scheme. I've tried to tie him in with the rest of the force by matching the paint scheme but just changing the dark blue of the astral knights for the bright blue of a librarian.

I've attempted to mix a zenithal approach to highlighting with edge highlighting. This can most clearly be seen on the legs. The base colour is caledor sky on the front of the legs, fading to teclis blue on the backs where more light would fall. There is then an edge highlight on the areas which catch the most light in lothern blue.

So just all the details, including the face and more scarily the OSL purple on the flames, to do. As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


  1. Very nice. Before you do the osl, but after you are done everything else you might want to add one more highlight to the blue to push the contrast even further. But wait until everything else is filled in because it may not need it once the other colours are there.

  2. Cheers zab, I'll keep an eye out for that.