Showcase: D&D Dragonborn Warlord

 Here is the finished Dragonborn Warlord. I think he definitely looks the part. The rich warm colours of his armour and cloak contrasting with the green skin.

I'm really pleased with how the sculpted scales on the back of his head have come out after being washed and highlighted. The cloak might need a bit more work now that I look at it in the photos.

 You might notice that the base for this guy is sloping. This is on purpose as the model had a backwards sloping stance that I wanted to correct (I did the same but in reverse on the high Marshall helbrecht model)

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below..


  1. That's really nice. The gold armour is fantastic - great contrast. That's all the cloak needs really, just push the contrast in the shadows with some green or blue wash.

  2. Cheers zab. I think you're right, I was trying to use a red wash on a red cloak and forgot to think about varying the temperature as well as the shade to build up that rich look.